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Counselling, Psychotherapy, Sarah Moody, Heeler Center, Hassocks, Sussex

Sarah Moody


Sarah Moody | Psychotherapy

A bit about you...

I qualified with an MA and Diploma in child and adolescent psychotherapy and counselling in 2010. Since then, I have mainly worked with adults and teenagers in private practice. I absolutely love the field of therapy and continue to delight in immersing myself in learning more about us humans, and how we think and feel. I abide by the code of ethics of the UKCP, a regulatory body for psychotherapists, of which I am a member.

Why did you choose to get into counselling/psychotherapy?

I began my work life in the world of public relations. I learnt a great deal and met a lot of wonderful and creative people, but the extrovert nature of my job wasn’t sustainable for an introvert like me! Following a hunch that there was something out there that better suited my nature, and my interest and curiosity in the inner worlds of others, I jumped ship. I began my learning journey in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and self-help in 2002 and have worked therapeutically since 2006. I continue to find cultivating these ‘private relationships’ with my clients immensely rewarding!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that when a client first arrives, I don’t really know who has walked through the door until they start to tell me their story. I love being invited into someone’s inner world and hearing their stories and experiences. I love that so many of my clients can find ways to laugh as well as cry, even during the toughest of times. I find every one of my clients uniquely fascinating but there is such a shared humanity in that everyone is looking for similar things – more contentment, a sense of peace, better relationships, healing from emotional pain and a desire to find their way to a more fulfilling, connected and enjoyable life.

What areas do you specialise in helping?

Many people come to therapy due to low mood and anxiety or stress and so I have a lot of experience in working with these conditions. My approach is part listening and feeding back – feeling heard and understood is a critical part of what makes therapy effective – and it’s part psychoeducation if the client is open to that. We know increasing amounts about the brain and the nervous system and helping people understand what is going on in their body as well as their mind feels critical to supporting them to feel better.

What conditions do you most enjoy treating?

My enjoyment lies more in the relationships I form with my clients.  We go on a journey together, exploring their past and its impact on the present, deconstructing unhelpful thoughts and rewriting erroneous beliefs, bringing ourselves gently and mindfully into conversation with our body and felt senses. My aim is to help clients start to feel and think differently about their experiences and themselves, and thus more able to make different choices. It’s a joy to see clients move through their current internal and external predicaments to a more integrated place – feeling more whole and better able to cope with what life can throw at us. It’s an honour to be alongside my clients for a part of their journey through life.

What days/times do you work at The Heeler Centre?

I work by appointment and see clients on Monday daytimes.

Contact details

07775 568201


I offer an initial (optional) free 30-minute phone chat.

For ongoing sessions, I operate a sliding scale, from £50-£85.

Sarah Moody, Psychotherapist, Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
Sarah Moody, Psychotherapist, Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
Sarah Moody, Psychotherapist, Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex
Sarah Moody, Psychotherapist, Heeler Centre, Hassocks, Sussex